• spring summer

This pandemic has changed our behaviors, social relationships and even our affections. It has dissipated the smiles of adults and children: emptied schools, closed playgrounds, reduced picnics in the countryside and… caused many unlit windowshops.

In the chaos of the emergency, not yet overcome, La Galette Salée et Sucrée looks towards the light at the end of the tunnel, now ever closer, and sends a strong message: to value the work and sacrifices made by the entire team during this year, propound the beautiful cheerful colors, in the patterns of our fabrics!

For this reason, for our SS clothing collection, we have decided to re-release the same theme as last year, applying lower prices already at the beginning of the season.

Starting over together with the quality of Made in Italy, and dedication of our entrepreneurial spirit; we look forward to seeing you in our children’s clothing store in Crema, Italy  or more likely online!